Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Two Valentine's Day Make up looks!

 Hello  :)

Although I’ll be spending Valentine’s Day cuddled up on my sofa with a tub of ice cream, probably watching Bridget Jone’s Diary, what with the day of luurrrveee being round the corner, I thought I would do some Valentine’s Day make up looks for those of you who are going to be having date nights, dinner with your girl friends, family or if like me, boredom strikes and you just want to experiment with make up!

I’ve decided to do a more subtle and wearable look and a more dramatic, smokey eye.

Hope this gives some ideas and inspiration! Aaaand remember people, Valentine’s Day isn’t just about your partner, its a day to appreciate everyone you love, your friends, family, pets and thy neighbour LOL.. Enjoy!

1. For the first look, Im mainly going to be using Urban Decay's Naked 3 palette... So start off by using an eye shadow primer (I’m using Urban Decays shadow potion in Sin)

Apply NYX’s Jumbo Eye Pencil in625/Sparkle Nude all over the eye lid and inner 1/3 of lower lash line  

2. Then apply Buzz all over the eye lid, making sure to pack on the eye shadow using a flat shade brush (Im usingan inexpensive one from ELF)

Using a fluffy blending brush and a windscreen wiper motion, blend out the colour Nooner (from the Naked 3 palette) into your crease and towards brow, creating a ‘V’ shape... Continue to do this until all the shadows look soft and blended

3. Once you have blended all the eye shadows, take the same blending brush and add a small about of the colour Liar, and apply this to the crease, again, blended up towards brow, and creating a ‘V’ shape
Use a pencil blush and drag the same colour along 2/3 of the outer lower lash line                                       

4. Finish off your the look by applying the colour Strange on the brow bone to highlight, line your waterline with NYX’s retractable eye liner in Bronze and apply your favourite gel liner and mascara (I’m using Bobbi Brown long-wear gel liner in 1/Black Ink and L’Oreal’s Volume Million Lashes in Extra Black)

Addd voila! You’re done.. Dont forget to complete your look with some contouring, nude or pink lipsticks and a subtle peachy/pink blusher! 
I really like this subtle yet sultry eye look and I think the pinks in this look will compliment different skin tones and eye colours whilst still being inline with the whole, flirty, valentines look...

However, for those of you who perhaps want more colour, heres another makeup look that I think is really young, fun and flirty! Most of the products I have used for this second look are from the Manly 120 palette, but you can use any similar colours that you own. 

1. For this look, start off by priming your eye and using a flat shader brush, pack on a light pink eyeshadow colour all over the eyelids (I've combined two different tones of pink from the 120 palette)

2. Then taking a purple/plum colour (again I have mixed two different shades of purple from the palette but you can use whatever purple shadow you own) and using a fluffy blending 
brush, apply this to the crease, blended up towards brow, creating a ‘V’ shape. Continue to use a windscreen wiper motion to blend everything out                 
3. Once everything is blended out, use Hard Candy Glamoflauge Concealer in Ultra Light on the brow bone to highlight

Mixing a deep purple and a medium brown shade, drag the shadow along 2/3 of the outer lower lash line and line   your waterline with a medium brown eye liner 
4. Then apply L’Oreal’s ColourAppeal in 21/Golden Beige in your inner corners for a brighter eye effect  and  line your waterline with NYX’s retractable eye liner in Bronze 

5. And then finish off by applying your favourite gel liner and mascara (I’m using Bobbi Brown long-wear gel liner in 1/Black Ink and L’Oreal’s Volume Million Lashes in Extra Black)

And your look is complete! Hope you like these looks, let me know which one you prefer and what youll be doing this Valentines!